A liquid companion for Alby

Anser, in conjunction with the Alby browser extension, provides a seamless and user-friendly interface to the Liquid Network directly from your browser.

Liquid in the browser

Anser is a progressive web app that can be easily installed on your device, providing a native app experience. Alternatively, you can utilize it directly within your browser or even host your own instance .

For developers

Anser isn't just a standalone application, it's also a versatile library that seamlessly integrates into your webpages, enabling you to harness the power of the Liquid Network within an Alby-enabled browser.

Explore the documentation for comprehensive details or experiment with the examples provided below (nb. it is advised to run the test using testnet).

See the Pen Anser Send

See the Pen Anser Send

See the Pen Anser Show


Q: Do I need Alby to use Anser?

Yes, Anser relies on the Alby browser extension for key management and signing.

Q: Can you see my private keys, transactions, or balances?

No, Anser is a fully client-side app; your keys never leave the Alby extension.

Q: Does Anser hold or transmit my funds?

No, Anser serves as an interface that filters and displays data from the Liquid Network. It enables you to create valid transactions that are signed by the Alby extension and broadcasted through an Electrum node.

Q: Who manages the Electrum node used by Anser?

Anser connects to the public websocket endpoint provided by Blockstream.
It's important to note that this node only provides access to public data of the Liquid Network, and broadcast your transactions to the other nodes. It does not hold your keys or funds and cannot sign or build transactions on your behalf.

Q: Is Anser open source?

Yes, you can find the source code on GitHub.

Q: Can I self-host Anser?

Absolutely! Anser is a static web app that can be hosted on any webserver, including your local machine.
Check the documentation for more information.

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